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What To Expect

The idea of attending a therapy session may initially be a challenging or confronting one. We are often sent the message in our culture that we need to be self-sufficient or able to 'soldier on' when difficulties arise, so taking time to invest in yourself and wellbeing may feel uncomfortable.


We will ensure that your experience of therapy or supervision feels supportive and safe. It is important that you see us as being 'on your team' and able to walk alongside you in the support you seek. We will be non-judgmental and empathetic in all of our interactions with you. 

When you make contact with us for an appointment we will send a brief intake form to you. This form will involve some basic questions to determine what you are seeking support for and how you might like this to look. If following this you feel we would be the best fit for your support needs we will arrange our appointment bookings. If not, we will be happy to advise of other providers in the area that may better suit you.


Your first appointment with your psychologist will be an opportunity to discuss the experiences or challenges that have brought you to therapy and your goals for this support. This will also be an opportunity to ensure your psychologist is a good fit and explore any apprehension you may have about the therapy process. Your psychologist will work with you to explore your history and develop a greater understanding of the patterns in your life that may impact how you relate to yourself and others. The first appointment will be at your pace, and there is no expectation to be prepared - you only need to bring openness and a willingness to follow the journey.








Sessions are generally 50 mins in length, and subsequent appointments can be made on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. This will be discussed with you to ensure greater predictability for you as the client and us. You may also be offered cancellation spots where these become available. Sessions may be conducted in-person or via Telehealth depending on your preference and location. The length of therapy can vary depending on need and complexity, and we will discuss this with you in our first appointment. 

We practice from a family-inclusive framework and given our interest in perinatal mental health and parenting support, we welcome babies and non-birthing parents into sessions. We have a change table on site and our space can accommodate young children as needed.  

For information about rebates and costs please see our Fees page.

We look forward to being able to assist you. 

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